Warm Hearts and Hands — because no child should be left out in the cold!

Every winter, we see boys and girls who are painfully underdressed for the cold weather. As they wait for the Sunday School bus, they shiver and their teeth chatter. They don’t have warm enough coats, they don’t have gloves or a hat, there are holes in their shoes, they’ve outgrown their winter clothes so their pants and shirts are too short to keep in the warmth-we’ve seen it all.

You can make it a summer to remember

A lot of kids have no choice. Their families simply cannot afford the winter coats they need.

Your gift to our Warm Hearts and Hands campaign will help give gloves, coats, hats, scarves, socks and more to deserving boys and girls this winter.

There are so many children out there who need our help, and harsh winter weather is already setting in. It’s only through the generosity of friends like you that we can give children the warm hearts and hands they so greatly deserve.

Share the message of Christ with a child

I founded Metro to bring kids to Christ. Your Warm Hearts and Hands campaign gift will continue to help us achieve that goal as we work to keep the cold out and God’s love in.