Philippines Sponsorship

Population: 103,775,002
Life Expectancy: 72 years
Population Below Poverty Line: 27%
Annual Income: $2,050

The Philippines is a group of islands located off the southeast coast of Asia. Almost half of the country’s population lives in an urban environment – including 18 million children. Only 54% of people living in these areas have access to safe drinking water and 51% have access to toilets. Families usually live in small flimsy homes on the worst land. Many are on unstable slopes or low-lying areas prone to the seasonal flooding.

In many of the cities, garbage dumps are home to thousands of people scavenging to survive. Many of the children help their families by picking through mountains of trash for hours. Sometimes making only a dollar a day. Because the cost for education in these areas is often too high, parents have to make the difficult choice between sending their child to school and putting food on the table. This results in a lack of education and thousands of children getting trapped in the cycle of poverty.